About Me

I’ve always been dreaming of working with functional programming languages and I’m currently writing Elixir at kloeckner.i in Berlin, though I also strive to remain pragmatic and grounded in my problem-solving approaches according to the project’s actual needs. I write a lot of Javascript as well especially in my personal projects, as there’s no way around it, plus ES6 is not half bad.

In my spare time, I am interested in everything about (human) languages. I probably went overboard with it and got a master’s degree in computational linguistics. I try to make time for learning and practicing new languages every day.

I try to blog little things (though I’m probably not converting nearly enough of my countless Org mode notes into actual blog posts). As long as one person out there has a couple of minutes saved thanks to a post, I’m a happy man :)

Reach me at hi@xiangji.me